Don't fret. For those still wondering, I'm still around, just been taking a good long break. Life is hard when you're busy. Still, I come here when I can.


Well, I'm still here, still around. Not making music for a while was pretty boring. But, I am still going strong with making my M.U.G.E.N Based videos.

Some of my tracks, gained some very good notice as of late. Mostly the HydroJazz & Hydro GameShow tracks respectively. If you would like to check them out, then head on over to my Audio Page.

Also, for those keeping any kind of interest, my 3rd annual Battle Royale has now started. Hope to start making more music again.

Well, I'm still here. It's been very busy to say the least. But, at least I'm back into making music again. This time, with a new keyboard. Hopefully, I'll make use of Ableton Live, to it's fullest now.

See you all later.


just trying to tidy up my page some. And at least get things going in a better direction.

Take note that on my audio page, all tracks that was before the date 11/13/2006, were done on an actual keyboard, and all the tracks after that date was done on the program Ableton Live

I'm so glad that my Team DV mugen series is going very well under way. with the most recent release of Episode 4, things are definately getting better. Hope to do the next episode soon.

later on, i'll post the links to the episodes.

until then, enjoy the audio from my channel